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Mare Forum 2018

MARE FORUM GENEVA - 18 April 2018

We are pleased to announce the 2nd Mare Forum Conferences, "THE CHARTERES - SHIPWONERS DIALOGUE" on Commodity trading and Shipping of Iron Ore, Steel, Coal, Metals, Agriculturals, Oil, Gas, Chemicals, Bio energy, Bunkering fuels, Commoditie trade, trade patterns and trends, and

The Future of the Commodity and Shipping Global Hubs.



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Propeller Club General Assembly - 17th April 2018


The Propeller Club will be holding the Annual Ordinary General Assembly followed by cocktail.

Where: La Mère Royaume, 1201 Geneva

When: 17th April 2018 from 17:00

Who: Members only.


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Escalade Friendly Dinner - 12th December 2017


You and your family and friends are cordially invited at the traditional Escalade dinner.

Don't miss this celebration where eldest and youngest guests smash a large marmite

made of chocolate while reciting "Ainsi périrent les ennemis de la République" - "Thus perished the enemies of the Republic!" and singing "Cé qu'è lainô"(The One Above)  

Where: Café Papon, Rue Henri Fazy 1 - 1204 Geneva.

When: 12th December 2017 from 18:30


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The Expanded Panama Canal: Adding Value to "the Great Connection" - 28th November 2017


You are invited to join us for a topical discussion on "the Performance of the Expanded Panama Canal", followed by a cocktail dinner.

Speaker: Mr. Jorge Quijano, the CEO of the Panama Canal Authority

Where: Hôtel Nvy, Rue de Richemont 18, Geneva

When:  28th November 2017 from 18:15