2015-09-08 EU MRV regulatory update and challenges ahead – What you need to know






EU MRV regulatory update and challenges ahead
8th September 2015



The Propeller Club is pleased to announce an evening talk by Stamatis Fradelos, Principal Engineer in the Operational Environmental Performance (OEP) department of ABS. The topic of his talk will be “EU MRV regulatory update and challlenges ahead”.

Eu MRV regulatory update and challenges ahead: Regulatory developments like the market-based measures (MBMs) for enhancing ships energy efficiency under discution within IMO and the proposed EU system for monitoring, reporting and verifying (MRV) CO2 emissions from large ships (above 5000GT) using EU ports will soon require ship operators to demonstrate to the Competent Authorities that: “A tonne of fuel reported is a tonne”. Attention should be given to the factors that may affect the accuracy of fuel consomption measurements highlighting areas of possible improvement in the fuel bunkering and fuel consumption monitoring procedures and data transmitting, storing, retrieving and processing.

Venue: Hôtel d’Angleterre, 17 Quai du Mont-Blanc, Genève
Date/time:8th September 2015
Starting at 18:30 for cocktails followed by conference and dinner kindly sponsored by ABS.

Many thanks to ABS for sponsoring the event.

Any registration not cancelled 24 hours before the event will be billed to the person

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