2017-03-30 New President & Vice President 1

Election of New President and Vice President

THURSDAY March 30th

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The Propeller Club of Geneva is delighted to announce the election of their new President and Vice President at the Annual General Assembly on Thursday 30th March.

Richard Watts (HR Maritime) has been elected as Presidentofthe Club and
Patrick Bachofner (IRI Register – Marshall Islands) has been elected Vice-President. Both Richard and Patrick have been on the Club’s Committee for the last 4 years and have been particularly active in promoting new members and drawing young energy into the Club. Richard and Patrick will be supported by the excellent Committee, details of which can be found on the Club’s website.

The Club’s former President, Jeremy Davies (HFW), presided over the role for the last 4 years and was instrumental in organising a number of excellent events over the last year focusing on industry topics relevant to people working in the Geneva Shipping and Trading community.

There are many interesting events planned for this coming year including a presentation on new forms of propulsion used by ocean-going ships, a talk on new technology available for underwater cleaning and a lecture given by a leading insurance company focusing on the practical nature of insurance claims. The Club will also be organising their usual social gatherings such as the Neptune Cruise in July, the summer lunch in August and of course the Escalade dinner in December.

Richard and Patrick will be working hard to take the Club into the future in these uncertain times with a number of new initiatives while at the same time continuing the fine traditions established over the last 30 years of the Club’s existence.

The Propeller Club of Geneva is looking forward to this exciting future and hopes to welcome many more people to their regular events. The Club will also be working hard to continue the famous Shipping Drinks which have become a regular feature of Geneva’s shipping and trading scene. Member and friends are always encouraged to bring ideas for events.