2014-06-26 – 2nd Annual Marine Money Geneva Forum

Marine Money Geneva

2nd Annual Marine money Geneva Forum

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Thursday, 26 June 2014 at The President Wilson Hotel, Geneva, Switzerland


The main focus of the event is shipping and trade finance and the interconnection between shipping, trade and commodities. Geneva gives us the pulse of global economic growth.

The event will bring in professionals from the commodity and trading houses as well as ship owners, financiers and investors from Switzerland, central Europe and further away.


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2nd Annual Marine Money Geneva Forum


Marine Money Geneva

Our first Marine Money Geneva event last year ended with a panel entitled “Is 2013 the year to re-position?” A long list of shipping companies and shipping executives suggest that it was indeed – Emanuele Lauro and Robert Bugbee at Scorpio Tankers and Bulkers, Tony Gurnee at Ardmore Shipping, Pankaj Khanna and Pioneer Shipping, the Busch brothers at Navig8 and many others. These companies and others raised finance from public and private sources and bought and ordered ships. They firmly believe that we are moving into a period of improved shipping profitability.


Commodity demand remains rosy and with increased growth in the US economy and stabilization in Europe, combined with ongoing growth in Asia, the major commodities should see robust demand in the years ahead. On the demand side order books have diminished as the heavy deliveries of the past two years are worked through. The delivery schedules of the major sectors – dry, wet and container – are now more manageable then for many years and shipping companies around the globe are making plans and reinvesting.

Geneva gives us the pulse of global economic growth. Geneva is the number 1 venue worldwide in the finance of commodity trading and 22% of the global movement of commodities by ships is sourced in Geneva. What better place to discuss and debate the demand and supply of shipping in the years to come and whether 2014 will be the crest of a new period of profitability.


Our second Marine Money Geneva Ship and Trade Finance Forum on 26th June 2014 in Geneva will deal with all issues shipping and finance related and much more, including some of the following:

• Global growth prospects and their impact on commodity demand

• Is the dry bulk market about to take off? Is the crude tanker sector the going to


• will shipping banks continue their commitment to world shipping

• Finance and private equity. Who can access it and which structures work?

• Will the commodity giants take a more direct approach to their shipping


• Timing looks good. Is 2014 the beginning of prosperous years in shipping?

• Business school shipping : Does it stack up to a vigorous SWOT (strengths and

weaknesses, opportunities and threats) analysis.

If you are interested in participating, or have a suggestion regarding topics and speakers, please get in touch with us.

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